Making Robots Massively Accessible

Robot Building Blocks.

Modbot puts industrial quality robot building blocks into the hands of everyday inventors.

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Meet Modbot

Modbot is a very powerful and modern robotics vision. It begins with a set of fundamental building blocks for building robots, but not just any robot … all robots.

So what does that actually mean?

It means that by revisiting robotics from first principles we realized all robots are essentially built from the same basic parts. A servo, a joint and a link. For a robot to be useful it needs powerful and precise motion.

Modbot provides this in its integrated servo. The Modbot servo provide high quality motion control at a consumer price. Using it along with the other Modbot items, you can build any robot you can think up.

What is Modbot?

So what really is Modbot. Well, at the high level, its a rapid robot development platform. Modbot brings industrial precision and power to consumer assembled robots. Imagine automated manufacturing and consumer robots within reach of everybody, assembled like Lego. 

Modbot is a system of affordable and re-usable modules that snap together, filling the gap between $100 hobby and $20,000 industrial motion equipment. Our vision is to provide a complete robot development platform, including: 

  • A sophisticated integrated servo 
  • A plug and play joint 
  • A link with network and power cabling integrated 
  • A phone app interface for rapid prototyping 
  • An in-browser virtual simulation and collaboration system
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Use our phone app to do hardware programming on the fly. Record keyframes and repeated sequences wirelessly. The phone app makes modbot easy to use for rapid prototyping. Modbot puts your robot ideas into the cloud with the Modbot Virtual Robot (VR) Builder. Modbot VR lets you assemble and program your robot directly in the browser and then test and simulate in a real physics engine. You can pull code modules directly from shared community repositories and when you are done, order your parts.
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The Modbot Story

Hi. We’d love to introduce ourselves and our vision called Modbot. We are Adam and Daniel and we are two creative hackers from Melbourne in Australia. Hackers might not be the most accurate term actually. We met in university and shared a passion for modern robotics since we were children. After uni we developed robots in the Automotive and the Defence sectors all around the country and it was 10 years later that chance brought us back together in Melbourne. At that time we struggled to answer the following question … 

Where’s all the cool robots? 

Now we certainly aren’t saying that robots don’t exist, they are in fact everywhere. You could consider a vending machine or automatic doors as kinds of robots. But what we had learned was that robots were complex, incredibly expensive and inaccessible. Where were the robots that were in the movies, that were written about in books. Even the Jetsons had Rosie the robot housemaid. Well, some of those kinds of robots do exist. Honda is building ASIMO and Boston Dynamics has the famous Big Dog but ASIMO cost over 1 million dollars just to manufacture and building these robots at the moment requires specialist knowledge and complicated equipment. This is where the Modbot vision steps in. We believe that if everybody had access to good quality robot hardware, then the bandwidth for innovation would increase. Simply put, if more inventive minds could afford and access better, smarter and cheaper robot bits, then useful robots would become commonplace.

     Modbot is commoditising useful robots.     

Mass production and consumerization of smartphones has made them cheap, accessible and higher quality. Arduino and Makerbot have demonstrated a similar result. Modbot can do that same with your help!

Who would use it?

Modbot is versatile. This is what makes it so incredible. We won't stop until we have perfected every bit in the Modbot kit and along the way we will show a vareity of industry how they can benefit from Modbot.

  • Hackers & Makers
  • Students/Academics/Researchers
  • Educators/Teachers
  • Small Businesses Production Companies
  • Industry Rapid R&D Pros
  • Full Scale Low Cost Un
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Robot Camera Dolly


Build a robotic camera dolly to make perfect autonomous smooth moving camera movements just like in the movie Gravity.

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Racing Car Simulator


Attach a seat and use the power of the Modbot servo to simulate the realistic motion of racing. Interface the motion cue’s from the gaming software and pass them to the Modbot motion system.

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Prosthetic Leg


Use the onboard sensors and precision of the servo to support the development of a prosthetic leg. Try to recreate human movement.

AThis is just the beginning though. With Modbot you can build whatever you can imagine including the following:

  • 3 Axis 3D printer
  • Pick & Place Machine
  • 5 Axis Active Steady-Cam
  • Mini CNC
  • 2 Axis Lathe / 3 Axis Mill
  • Scara Style Lab Robot
  • Humanoid Robot
  • Walking Hexapod
  • Human Hand
  • Prosthetic Exoskeleton Leg
  • Game Kinematics Simulator
  • Beer Opener
  • All in One Micro Production Platform
  • Ping Pong Robot


How does Modbot compare?


  • Integrated Reduction Transmission
  • High power brushless DC motor
  • Integrated Motor Driver
  • Integrated Bearings
  • Automatic Networking
  • Daisy Chain Support
  • Industrial Precision Encoder
  • Durable Metal Design
  • Quick Lock Mechanism
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Accelerometer Sensor


  • 225 degrees of rotation
  • Aluminium construction
  • Integrated power and data lines


  • Integrated power and data lines

The Big Vision

The Modbot vision is large. We are not just selling robot bits, we are selling what you can invent with them. We are working with various teams around the world to generate a robot building community. Univerisity and education programmes will be working to develop projects that use the Modbot platform.

Imagine being able to log into the online Virtual Robot (VR) Builder and work on your robot projects collaboratively with your friends or colleagues.

The phone app will enable you to work with Modbot as an intelligent motion system straight out of the box but the vision is even bigger. The phone app will serve as a conduit to the Modbot VR. Imagine putting your Modbot bits together and watching the virtual robot construct itself in the virtual environment. Move your real robot around and see it respond in the 3D model through the browser.

This will all be possible in the future of Modbot.