Building robots is about to get easy.
The ultimate robot building block
is coming soon


Combine Modbot building
blocks to turn your dream
robot into a real system.


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Modular Robotics

Combine each simple piece to create complex system.

High Precision

By using smarter engineering we provide quality without compromise.

Accessible to Everyone

Age, education, experience no longer matters.

Virtual Development

Build your device in a live 3D virtual environment. Move your robot and see it move on the screen.

We believe anyone and everyone should be able to build their own robot.

Modbot is the ultimate robot building block placed into the hands of everyday inventors. Inspired hobbyist, academics, students and industry professionals can implement their creative technology projects with our innovative modular robotics platform. Using our integrated joints, links and development platform, new ideas can be fashioned faster, simpler and more creatively.